Enjoy the Variety of Carrier Bags for Your Merchandise

the carrier bagSome of the latest innovative ways merchandisers brand their display and purchases are attracting customer interest. Carrier bag suppliers use the latest printing technology to create attention-getting décor on bags. Litho printing, for example, is a superior choice for large orders of paper bags.

Check out below some of the carrier bags and there related technology that’s available today:

Patch Handle Carrier Bags

This popular printed carrier bag adds dazzling flair with its vibrant colors. The handle gains extra strength from a glued reinforcing patch. Add details like the company logo, best brand, and contact information. Advertise effectively and economically using the stylish details of this simple bag.

Flexiloop Plastic Carrier Bags

Choose gloss or matt lacquer with 100% ink coverage on this strong, spacious bag. This biodegradable polythene bag is available in 48 or 75 micron polythene thickness. It is an excellent bag for exhibitions and shopping because of its added storage space.

Mailing Bags

Select from a wide variety of seal and handle options when selecting customised lightweight mailing bags. What an excellent way to display a logo, brand, or upcoming special! Film type and size make it easy to deliver product through the mail. As an extra benefit to retailers and consumers, the bags are waterproof and durable.

Grip Seal Bags and Pouches

End the frustration of having to tear a bag apart to open it. The Euroslot bag is a cost effective option when long term re-use is unnecessary. Grip Seal Bags provide a secure seal. It can be used again and again by heat sealing it above the grip seal. Consumers appreciate the benefit of standing pouches that stand up to high impact retail shelf display.

Cotton Bags

Cotton is recognized for quality and endurance, making cotton bags reusable. This eco-friendly natural product is biodegradable. Carrier bag suppliers offer an assortment of sizes, styles, and handles to make the bags suitable for resale, exhibitions, and promotions. The natural beige color is easily dyed.

Laminated Rope Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Litho printing and hand finishing of the choice coated board deliver a luxury laminated rope handle paper carrier bag. Card reinforced base and handles complete the durable, strong product. The number of handle styles, finishes, and sizes makes it possible to construct the bag to customer requirements.

Twisted Handle Paper Carrier Bags

This earth-friendly bag is made from sustainable sources and is fully recyclable. Functional and stylish, litho printing is done directly on the bag for small runs. That makes cost-effective and quick to produce. Coloured, brown, or white twisted paper is used for the handles.

Tape Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Economical and completely recyclable, this bag is built using fully-automated high speed bag making machines. Use it to carry clothing or food. Members of the retail sector benefit because the tape handle makes the durable bag easy to carry.

Non Woven PP Bags

Lightweight, yet strong non woven PP bags answer the question of how to package an assortment of products. The variety of colours makes them an asset for exhibitions, promotions, and resale.

Woven PP Bags

Woven PP bags can be ordered in any shape or size, printed with the design of choice. They are strong and long-lasting, so they can be used many times. Just wipe the bag clean in case of a spill.

There are so many types of carrier bags available different needs and application, whether you are saving the environment with ‘Bag For Life’ or adding your brand as part of your marketing.

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